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Eileen E. Ryan, 44  Oct. 31, 1963 to April 20, 2008.   After eight years in the Air Force, 
Eileen was so proud to have moved back to Gloucester and attend the 25th Reunion.  Struggling with health issues, she vowed to not let her poor health stop her from visiting with her classmates.  Needless to say, she said "she had the time of her life and was worth going".  Shortly thereafter an extended illness, Eileen went happily surrounded by her family.  Eileen had two grown daughters and a grandchild.  Her youngest son, Kenneth, was 15 years old at the time.  The reunion crew sent a card and $50. to Kenneth, in honor of his mother, from her childhood friends.  We will miss her advocacy work with Project Uplift, Essex Community Organization, Action for Justice League, Riverdale Park Committee and HAWK.  Eileen will mostly be remembered for her smile and kind words for all.     

Josephine Ciulla-Verga died immediately after giving birth to her daughter.   During the 20th Reunion, Diane Alba-Jackson brought a scrap book for all of Josephine's friends and classmates to write in their memories of Josephine.  The book was presented to Josephine's daugher soon after our  reunion.  Ms. Verga, at that time, was a student at ghs.  She was very appreciative for the "kind and generous words which meant so much", but especially for Diane's act of thoughtfulness.  Truly to be treasured, just like Josephine.  
Nelson Selig was in a fatal  motorcycle accident in Magnolia in 2005.  On behalf of the Class of '81, Paula Talbot Fulford was able to present the young Selig family with $250., as donated by Classmate Peter Scola upon winning the 50/50 during the 25th Reunion.  The 50/50 proceeds are reserved for classmates who face hardship.   Peter was compelled,  after he nearly lost his wife the previous year to cancer.  Peter is very greatful that his twins were born healthy, and his ending was a fairy tale of miracles all around.  Feeling blessed, there but for the grace of god!  

Billy Neal, Nelson Selig and Kathy Grillo as written about by Brenda Eason click here 

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