'cent 'anni' (100 years)  buzzy bertolino of bertolino's bakery  courtesy of www.downthefort.com
"cent 'anni" (100 years) buzzy bertolino of bertolino's bakery courtesy of www.downthefort.com

Nothing takes the place of good ole fashion word of mouth.  

The best ads are ... remembered ...

"you wanna know what comes between me and my calvin's?"
hey, you got chocolate on my peanut butter"
"my bologna has a first name"

"you're soaking in it" 
"mikey, he likes it"


And now, a word from our former sponsors...
Add your business or name to our list of supporters below ..
Special thanks to the supporters of our past reunions, don't stop now! ...

Lucky 7 arcade "Where the fun keeps on spinning"
Cape Ann Savings Bank  "For all of your banking needs"
George's Coffee Shop and Salah's Scoops, "Bring your appetite"
(Dean Salah donated dozens of bagels for Sunday Breakfast (30th), and Breakfast Raffle for 2, Contact Dean through facebook)  
Joey Palmisano "Mr. Fiesta" (donated two Fiesta books).  
Jalapeno's - "Authentic Mexican" 

Cape Ann Community Cinema  "Community is our middle name" 
Hurricane II Whale Watch - (two tickets donated by classmate Julie Imbrunone Douglas)

Our website is a vitrual place for the Class  of 1981 to call home accompanied
by a link to our facebook page. In an effort to keep our website active, the following list of distinguished fellow classmates have contributed through our online fundraising efforts.  Join the list today! ...

Donna Demetri
Jay Greely
Josephine Fatta
Jonelle Derby Flanagan
Kathleen Hall Frontiero 
Kathyann Quinn Lamb
Michael Beauparlant 
Linda Maurais Andrews 
Monica Bassila Curtis 

Kim Young 
Ross McKenzie 
Linda Aiello Rogers 
Alison Corrao-Aiello 
Erikka Litchfield
James Milone
Michelle Pallazola Sweet 
Bruce Missy Hillis Kintzel
Mark  Stottlemeyer
Roz Frontiera 
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