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Brenda Eason (Eason-Silveira)
Teacher's Aide Married 4
Hi everyone! I missed the last reunion & heard I missed a great time! Can't make that mistake again!
Josephine Fatta
designer / showroom manager Single
Some random memories and thoughts: I was going through some boxes stowed away in my closet recently and stumbled across my prom dress -- it's almost back in style, I'm afraid (is there a prize for having the nerve to wear it to the reunion?!). I also came across photos I took of the girls restroom near the cafeteria -- does anyone remember the jungle mural the us art nerds painted on all the walls? Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! A favorite memory was Mr. Petronzio standing on his head on a table (I forget why!) and let us listen to WBCN during his art classes. That made him very cool.
Christopher Favaloro
Systems Techincal Support II Married 1
My lovely wife Carol and I have been married over 10 years and are raising our beautiful daughter Emily who is 9 years old. We had a wonderful time at the 20th, chatting with old friends. We are unsure if we can make it to the 25th but will give it the "ole high school try." I agree with my classmates that the "time went fast" and "it's hard to believe it's been 25 years". Wishing all the best of luck and good fortune.
Donna Demetri (Friedman)
February 25, 1963 Professor/Psychotherapist Married 1
Debbie Sears (Galiano)
Profile picture
Profile picture
Operations Priority Specialist Married
H'elia Silveira (Gambino)
March 13, 1962 Medical office receptionist Married 3
Debbie Muise (Gillis)
Assistant Accountant Married
I have been married for 19 years and work in Rockport. My mother passed away in 2003 a few days after my 40th birthday and it really made me appreciate my friends and family that much more. I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion!
Kelley Connors (Golden)
school nurse (preK3 through grade 8) Married 4
shelly gossom
hair dresser Married 2

married 25 years  to Mark.  We have 2 children kelly 25 has her masters degree in criminal justice and andrew is 16 a sophmore at G.H.S. probably driving Billy Goodwin crazy :). i'v e been a hair dresser for 21years and have been self employed for the last 3 at Fatima's Hair Design. I cant wait to see everyone again!  see you in july

shelly campbell (gossom)
November 18, 1963 hair dresser Married 2

looking forward to seeing old friends and hearing about all their life adventures....can't wait! 

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