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Jay Gerald Greely (Greely)
August 18, 1963 Director, Sales Married 1
Kathleen Frontiero (Hall)
Soldier United States Army Married 2
I've been a Mental Health Counselor in the Active Duty Army for 15 years, met my husband Steve while we were stationed in Germany we have 2 amazing children Evan is 11 and Iris Catherine 3. I am currently on recruiting duty stationed in Concord NH. I had so much fun at the last reunion, am looking forward to partying with ya'll this year.
Todd Herrmann
Profile picture
Profile picture
are you kidding? Career Coach - Bowdoin College Single
Bruce Lane
Profile picture
Computer Administrator Married 2
Enjoying life out in California since I got married 16 years ago. I have a 9 year old daughter and a 7 year old son, so I started much later than most of you guys. I was there 5 years ago and had a great time. Took an American Airlines flight on a 767 back to Los Angeles very close to 9/11 back then so it's great to be alive! I don't know if I can make it this time but I wish you all well.... Hey! how come lobster is not on the menu?! God, I miss the food back there!
Rosalie Machain (Lentini)
Electrician Married 2
Married 20 years, Also have an assocates in culinary arts.
Sandi Libro
Veterinary Assistant Single
Never been married and Never will. Never had children and god willing never will. Moved back to Glou. seven years ago, started my own business pet sitting and dog walking. Also work at Cape Ann Vet. as Veterninary Asst. Sometimes being laid off can be the best thing that can happen to you! I've been living and working in Glou. ever since and loving every minute of it!
Stacey Movalli (MacIntyre)
Account Manager / Sales Married 2
Meryl Johnson (Markham)
Gerald McCarthy
Partner-Ernst & Young Married 3
This is fantastic. Another reunion. My wife can't wait to come. She likes our reunions more than her own. The only big change in the past 5 years is the addition of my 3rd child named Brendan. What else are you going to do when you are 40! 3 years old-and this one looks just like me. My oldest boy, Connor, is 14 and well over 6 feet tall. He loves music, and girls and wants me to take him to every concert out there. He would make a good Earwig for those of you who know that story. Liam is 10, lovese sports and keeps me playing them. My suggestion for the reunion is to bring back Charlies' Angels. Leaf through the year book and you will see me looking dead sexy. I still have those killer legs. Also, can't wait to see most of the people from my 8 years at St. Anne's school. Yes, where is Mike Fury?
Profile picture
Profile picture
January 24, 1963 Married 7
I just moved back and so glad I did. It's been way to long. Hope to hear from all of you. Email me and send me your pics. Jim
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