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Ross McKenzie
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June 18, 1963 Sales Married 3

Had 2 kids (Maya & Cameron) from marriage #1, and am now working on marriage #2 with my 3rd child (Kai).   Can't believe it's been 30 years already.  Thanks to FB, I've been able to catch up with many of you, but it's just not the same as in person.   Wow....great to see all the comments from people who attended the 25th.  Hope to see many of you at the 30th !!

Jim n/a (Melanson)
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Telecom Analyst Married 2
Had a great time at the 25th. My stay was not long enough but it is great to see everyone. I have been blessed in many ways over the years and I truly enjoy the opportunity to see my classmates. I am blessed to be a part of the class of 81. My boys are the spitting image of me so that is my then pic. OK so the other was taken a few years back when I had hair.
Dan Murdock
Verizon repairman Married
This looks like fun. I am going to try and make it this year.
Michelle Bader (Mustone)
Attorney/College Administrator and Professor Married 1
A short time ago I didn't feel old enough to have a 25th reunion, but now that I have a 19 month old daughter I feel pleanty old! I never knew what tired really felt like. Her name is Sophia and she is the light of my life. I have two step-sons CJ, 15 and Ryder 13 who have given new meaining to the words "gray hair and wrinkles" A few years ago I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, which has slowed me down a little bit. Anne and Julie tell me it is not the MS, but old age! My husband Joe has been a wonderful partner. He still tells me how beautiful I am, to which I reply "we are luckily that when a wife's looks start to fade so does her husbands eyesight!! I work at Endicott College as an Assitant Dean and teaching philosophy and history. I still get to do some private legal work on the side it is not as fulfilling as my time at Endicott. So, I am looking forward to seeing everyone soon, catching up, and reliving the "glory days"!! E-mail me at
Jon Nelson
Program Manager - IBM Married 3
This site is great somebody made good on their GHS diploma. Time really flies look forward to the 19th. Would like to attend one of things in my life. Man alot of love on this board. To think 25 years earlier the boyz from Magnolia could have been the first N Sync. I have three great boys Jake , Jesse ,Jordan and my wife Joanie yes 5 J'z. Have had some challenges with Jake but we are family and will get through it. Been working for IBM for 12 years. Take Care and look forward to seeing everyone. Nelllie
Chris Noble
Mailstream Consultant - PB Married 3
Married for 22 yrs, one lovely lady and 3 great kids. The oldest is in Sales the 2nd is going to play college B-ball... somewhere??Not sure where yet, and the youngest girl is absolutely beautiful ...and my shotgun shines like never before!!!
Toby Redmond (O'Reilly)
Stay at home mom who is never home Married 2
I've been living in Sterling, MA for 17 years (its close to the Mt. Wachusett Ski Area). I have a great husband who I've been married to for 19 years and together for a total of 24. We have two beautiful daughters - Katherine 10 and Colleen 8. I'm happy to report that Colleen has my mom's personaility and spirit. I'm really looking forward to this reunion. At the last one my mom was dying (she passed away in Sept. 2001) and it was a difficult time for me. My father is also gone so I'm now an "orphan". After working as an Executive Assistant for 15 years I became a "stay at home" mom after the birth of Katherine. I currently work one night a week doing reception work for Weight Watchers. Life is busy with two girls and we love to ski, hike and camp. I recently went hiking up in Dogtown and was trying to figure out where we had all those keg parites? Looking forward to the Reunion.
Nancy Adams (Olsson)
Married 2
Diane Dennis (Parisi)
April 29, 1963 Insurance CSR Married 2
"Life is Good".  I have been married to Joe for the past 28 years.  We have two awesome children, Joe 24 who is in lumber sales, and Jessica 22 who recently graduated from Norwich University with an Architecture Degree.  I have been working at Cape Ann Insurance in Gloucester for the past 14 years.  Joe and I love to travel and have been lucky enough to be able to go to many beautiful places. We are blessed to be living in such a beautiful city! Hope to see you at the 30th! 
Janine Parisi
November 18, 1963 Operations Manager Single 3
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