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Bruce Reardon
die0cutter Married 2
Tammy Eason (Richards)
mortgage processor Single 3
Being so far from Gloucester makes me twice as excited to see everyone in August!
Bob Rodgers
Gneral Manager Married 3
Linda Aiello (Rogers)
admin. asst. 4
Can't wait to see everyone again, reconnect, reminisce and share horror stories of being parents of teenagers! Think they're doing what we were doing?
jane day (rose)
retired Married 2
Married twenty years 'today' and to the same man! I have a 19 year old boy and a 17 year girl. It's so bizzare, they got too big-too fast. I want to say hi to Bruce Lane and my cousins Brenda and Tammy Eason. I just like alot of people in our class and I'm looking forward to the reunion with my husband. Please make an effort to come, if you're still thinking about going or not going.
Martha Rudolph (Rumble)
August 13, 1963 Outreach Worker / Adults with Mental Illness ans Substance Abuse Emerency Service Worker Divorced 2
Dean Salah
President D&D Food Services Married 3
Happily married for 20yrs to Lilly. 3 daughters, Brittany 19,Rachelyn 14, Lillian 12. after 23 years in the grocery business ( the last 5 traveling in a regional supervision capacity) I decided to go into my own business, to have more control of my own destiny.Have started two corporations. One operates both Georges Coffee Shop and Salah's scoops, the other is in the real estate flipping business. Looking forward to the 25th and seeing all our classmates.
susan benson (sanfilippo)
Married 4
Doreen Smith (Sawyer)
Profile picture
Technologist Committed relationship 3
It certainly doesn't seem like 25 years has past since we graduated. And I certainly don't feel 25 years older! I have three wonderful children, Jennifer 23yrs, Krystina 17yrs, Michael 14yrs. Jenn is out of school and working in retail, Krystina is going to be a senior at GHSnext year and captain of the varsity soccer team, Michael is heading to GHS next year and hopes to play football, he is my musician, he loves his guitar. My kids have been my life. Since our last reunion I went back to college to become a radiologist technologist. I graduated after 3yrs. I have worked as a MRI technologist for the past 6 months. I love it. Last year I also got engaged to a wonderful man named Ed, no plans for marriage yet. I think I'll wait for my kids to get settled first. I can't wait to see everyone! See you August 19th.
Christine Christine Militello (Sova)
September 09, 1963 Film Editor Divorced
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