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Michelle Palazola (Sweet )
August 05, 1963 Legal Assistant Married 2
I can't believe how fast time goes by. Been married for 20 years! My oldest son just graduated from GHS and my youngest is going to be a sophomore. As I write this it is a beautiful day and we are going to the beach.  No matter where we have traveled Gloucester still has the best beaches!
Ann Saco (Vasil)
Married 2
Ed Wall
Married 2
Joe Wheeler
Engineering Manager Married 3
"Has anyone seen my jeep?" Married for 22 years - remember Celia? Three kids; Nicole, 19, finished first year of college; Andrew, 17, will be a senior in the fall; Matthieu, 13, will be a freshman in the fall. Are we getting old or what?
Cathy Thibodeau (White)
Administrative Assistant Married 1
Kat Whitten (Whitten-Oliver)
Kathy Whitten (Whitten-Oliver)
Searchlight Tech. Married 2
Yes, it's hard to believe it's been 25 years! Time does fly. I've been married to hubby, Greg, for 16 years. We have a son, Michael, 13, and a daughter, Casey, 9. They are a 'hoot and a half', and well worth the chaos! Wasn't going to attend this year, but then I saw all the great comments from everyone, and realized it's time to get off the couch! So I'm grabbing the ol' man, and it's out the door we go-
Programming Supervisor Single
I'm looking forward to the reunion and trying to encourage a few classmates who missed the 20th reunion to attend this one.
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